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Eat. Sleep. Breathe. Wear a Sweater.

Our Fundamental Four

The Keys to Unlocking Your Health & Vitality

At the Balsam Institute, these fundamentals of health are addressed at every appointment. Intentionally supporting these essential lifestyle components will result in improved overall health and vitality. These are the key to restoration and reversal of chronic conditions.


  • Choosing nutritious foods that will heal and seal your body.

  • Eliminating inflammatory foods like grains and sugars.

  • Incorporating fermented foods to restore the microbiome.

  • Choosing foods that are not only nutritious but foods that will heal and seal your body. By eliminating inflammatory foods and replacing them with nourishing foods, your body will start to get the resources it needs to heal itself.


  • Restore.

  • Heal.

  • Cleanse.

  • Deep, recuperative sleep is crucial to your health recovery. During sleep, your body heals damaged tissues, restores proper function to your systems and detoxifies.


  • Calm the nervous system.

  • Release toxins through the lungs.

  • Daily intentional movement.

  • Breathing exercises to calm the nervous system. Daily, intentional movement to increase respiration. A large amount of toxins are released through the lungs.

Wear a Sweater

  • Increase body temperature.

  • Sweat.

  • Warm feet, warm hands.

  • Maintaining appropriate body temperature is critical for enzymatic reactions to occur within your cells.  A lower body temperature will result in poor cellular function.

See what a phenomenal patient had to say…

Color me grateful, healthy and hopeful for the future. Why you may ask? It’s because of The Balsam Institute for healing. I am presenting my litany of symptoms which included pre-diabetes, extreme fatigue, cognitive issues, IBS, unrelenting pain, and being overweight to mention just a few. I was desperate to find answers and help, feeling hopeless… UNTIL going to Balsam. They did not treat my symptoms, they wanted to discern the ROOT causes of them. What a concept! Balsam armed me with knowledge of my illnesses and provided me with a plan designed specifically for me to begin the process of healing. My five-year long journey with Balsam has been a true partnership. Because of their guidance, the medical expertise of the whole team and my stubborn determination to follow their protocols, nutritional guidelines and therapies, I am healthier and happier now than I have been since 1996, when my initial symptoms appeared. I am so blessed to have been led to the Balsam Institute for Healing. The relationships and medical results have been priceless.


Let’s get the root of the problem. Your healing journey begins here.

Let’s get to the root of the problem. Your healing journey begins here.