Adult Vaccine Injury – Case Study

Woman getting a vaccination

Anne was a 29 year old woman who initially presented to our clinic for the sudden onset of a number of unusual symptoms.  Her symptoms were numerous and life effecting including severe headaches with visual disturbances, symptomatic palpitations with dangerous swings in her blood pressure, a painful prickling sensation of her skin, severe intolerance to cold, and extreme fatigue and lethargy.  Regrettably, she had developed both neurologic and cardiac symptoms.  She stated her symptoms started within days of receiving a Covid vaccine in February and March 2022.

She was referred to our clinic in June 2022.  At that time, she was so disabled that she had moved in with a friend to help her with her activities of daily living.  Historically, she was an athlete and excelled in her work in the military.  Currently, Anne was on active duty in the military but had been placed on medical leave a few months prior to our meeting due to her symptoms.

During our initial consultation, it was apparent that she was struggling to articulate her words and maintain concentration.  Although a physical exam was not possible, her detailed account of her symptoms provided a wonderful gauge for her success and recovery.  Anne was highly motivated to feel better and get back to her normal, active lifestyle.

We immediately started her protocol with a low inflammatory diet that was free of grains, sugars and dairy while also restoring her gut microbiome.  Additionally, we focused on opening her detox pathways with coffee enemas, liver support and detox baths.  Within a few weeks she was feeling better so we enhanced her protocol with glutathione and molecular hydrogen.

Typically, ozone applications are a critical part of the restoration process but she was not able to get an oxygen tank for the machine for several weeks.  Once she did get a tank, she added daily rectal insufflations of ozone.  This is when her healing really accelerated.  Within a few short weeks, most of her symptoms had diminished in severity by at least 50%.

The second phase of her protocol involved products like zeolite and a triglyceride based fish oil to help rebuild neural pathways.  Again, Anne responded very well and her symptoms continued to improve.  She was able to enjoy walking again so we added daily movement to her plan.

At her three (3) month follow up, Anne was thrilled to report her symptoms were completely resolved, her energy level was exceptional, and her concentration was normal again.  She was removed from medical leave and placed back on active duty.  Anne also surprised me by sharing that she felt well enough to pursue her Master’s degree and had started classes in the fall of 2022!  Her hard work, determination and persistence paid off.  Not only was she symptom free but shared that she felt better than she did before the injury.  Anne celebrated her 30 birthday recently with family and friends.  She was all smiles at her six (6) month follow up conducted in January 2023, reporting that she remains symptom free and is doing well at work and school.