Anne was a 29 year old woman who initially presented to our clinic for the sudden onset of a number of unusual symptoms.  Her symptoms were numerous and life effecting including severe headaches with visual disturbances, symptomatic palpitations with dangerous swings in her blood pressure, a painful prickling sensation of her skin, severe intolerance to cold, and extreme fatigue and lethargy.  Regrettably, she had developed both neurologic and cardiac symptoms.  She stated her symptoms started within days of receiving a Covid vaccine in February and March 2022.

She was referred to our clinic in June 2022.  At that time, she was so disabled that she had moved in with a friend to help her with her activities of daily living.  Historically, she was an athlete and excelled in her work in the military.  Currently, Anne was on active duty in the military but had been placed on medical leave a few months prior to our meeting due to her symptoms.

During our initial consultation, it was apparent that she was struggling to articulate her words and maintain concentration.  Although a physical exam was not possible, her detailed account of her symptoms provided a wonderful gauge for her success and recovery.  Anne was highly motivated to feel better and get back to her normal, active lifestyle.

We immediately started her protocol with a low inflammatory diet that was free of grains, sugars and dairy while also restoring her gut microbiome.  Additionally, we focused on opening her detox pathways with coffee enemas, liver support and detox baths.  Within a few weeks she was feeling better so we enhanced her protocol with glutathione and molecular hydrogen.

Typically, ozone applications are a critical part of the restoration process but she was not able to get an oxygen tank for the machine for several weeks.  Once she did get a tank, she added daily rectal insufflations of ozone.  This is when her healing really accelerated.  Within a few short weeks, most of her symptoms had diminished in severity by at least 50%.

The second phase of her protocol involved products like zeolite and a triglyceride based fish oil to help rebuild neural pathways.  Again, Anne responded very well and her symptoms continued to improve.  She was able to enjoy walking again so we added daily movement to her plan.

At her three (3) month follow up, Anne was thrilled to report her symptoms were completely resolved, her energy level was exceptional, and her concentration was normal again.  She was removed from medical leave and placed back on active duty.  Anne also surprised me by sharing that she felt well enough to pursue her Master’s degree and had started classes in the fall of 2022!  Her hard work, determination and persistence paid off.  Not only was she symptom free but shared that she felt better than she did before the injury.  Anne celebrated her 30 birthday recently with family and friends.  She was all smiles at her six (6) month follow up conducted in January 2023, reporting that she remains symptom free and is doing well at work and school.

Welcome back, friends! Let’s talk about protein!  I’m not referring to steak and chicken legs…I’m talking about proteins and specifically  Spike Proteins.  If you have been following any information regarding the covid 19 vaccine, you would have inevitably heard about spike protein.  In this article, I want to break spike proteins down into simple terms.  We will be defining the spike protein that is generated by the Covid 19 vaccines and their effects on the cardiovascular system.  (Note: in future articles, we will discuss spike proteins effect on other organ systems).

First, let’s look at what a basic protein is, within the context of the human body.  Proteins are like the worker bees of your body.  There are thousands of different types of proteins and they all have different jobs.  Think of them like the carpenters, mechanics, and telephones of your body.  They simply perform a specific function.  Proteins are involved in hormone production and transportation, building tissues, immune function, energy production, etc.  Every fundamental process in your body will have at least one type of protein involved.

Now, let’s look at what a spike protein is.  As the name suggests, it is a protein that spikes out of a cell membrane and acts like a marker.  (Think of a flag used in a yard to mark where the water sprinkler head is.)  Spike proteins (also called S proteins) are typically associated with viruses such as the coronaviruses (SARS-CoV2 aka Covid-19) in that they line the outside membrane of the virus.  Their job is to anchor into a human cell membrane and allow the virus to inject its genetic material into the cell for replication.  This is how viruses spread within the body.  The spike protein stays stuck on the outside of the human cell and now marks the human cell as infected.  This spike-like marker attacks the immune system to investigate which then calls forth an immune response to the virus.  The end result is the formation of SARS-CoV2/Covid-19 specific antibodies.  The immune cascade is pretty completed so we won’t tackle it in this article.  Suffice it to say, the immune cascade is partially what makes us feel crummy when we get sick with a virus, i.e. fever, chills, body aches, and such.  It is a necessary part of a healthy immune system.  

Last, let’s look at the spike protein generated by the Covid-19 vaccines.  The goal of the Covid-19 vaccine is to force the immune system to make antibodies to the SARS-CoV2/Covid-19 virus.  The idea is that the vaccinated patient will generate antibodies to the spike protein and thus if they are exposed naturally to Covid-19 their immune system will kick in, antibodies will be released and kill the virus before the patient become symptomatic.  The S proteins are initially produced in the muscle around the injection site and then spread through the rest of the body.  Have you visited with folks that have received the Covid-19 vaccine and told you how much their arm muscle ached after getting their shot?  This is why;  the muscle is broken down and used to make S proteins.  

Thus far, we have established that proteins have specific jobs and spike proteins are used as markers.  And we have learned that the virus (SARS-CoV2) that causes Covid 19 carries spike proteins and that the Covid-19 vaccines will generate S Protein formation.  Easy enough, right?  Let’s take it a step further.  Studies coming out of Europe and Canada are strongly suggesting that the S Proteins derived from SARS-CoV2/Covid-19 infection and generated from the Covid-19 vaccines are indeed marking human cells….but not necessarily in a good way.  

Stay with me, we are going to get a little technical.  One of the ways the S protein negatively marks the cell membrane is by attaching itself to the ACE2 receptor.  The ACE2 (aka Angiotensis-converting enzyme 2) is an enzyme that bonds with the ACE2 receptor in your cells.    Think of a key and lock.  It’s really that simple.  ACE2 is the key and the ACE2 receptor is the lock. This specific key and lock, the ACE2, is strongly involved with cardiovascular regulation such as blood pressure and fluid management.  Bear with me a little longer and this will all make more sense.  Spike protein binds with the ACE2 receptor.  It’s like putting a key that will fit in a lock but won’t open the lock.  What happens?  First, the lock does not get opened but also the key that DOES open the lock cannot get access to the lock because it’s blocked, right?  This is exactly what happens when S protein, whether from Covid 19 infection or vaccine generated, binds with the ACE 2 receptor.  It blocks ACE2 from being able to bind.  Now, cardiovascular management is significantly disrupted.

Let’s summarize:

  1.  ACE2 and ACE2 receptors are strongly involved in cardiovascular management such as blood pressure and fluid management.
  2. Spike protein binds (from SARS-CoV2 or vaccine generated)with ACE2 receptor
  3. ACE2 cannot bind with ACE2 receptor because it’s blocked by S protein
  4. The cardiovascular system does not have key components for management
  5. Patient experiences significant and dangerous swings in blood pressure and fluid management

Have you had friends or family members that have suddenly lost their ability to self-regulate their blood pressure or report that their feet started swelling for no reason?  This could certainly be a contributing factor.  I see it and treat it in my practice often.  In fact, I will be writing some case studies that demonstrate this phenomenon and how we have restored proper function to the ACE2/ACE2 receptor system.  So, next time you are having coffee with your friend and they complain about having strange swings in their blood pressure, kindly refer them to this article on our website.  Our Vaccine Adverse Event Recovery Program is here to help.


For your health,

The Vax-Negator


A vaccine adverse event is an unfavorable medical outcome that occurs after receiving a vaccine or immunization that does not resolve in a reasonable amount of time.

Such events are difficult to prove, although organizations like (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) are gaining accreditation by collecting information on possible safety issues in US licensed vaccines.

For the sake of this article, let’s stick with vaccine injury in children.  How can parents educate themselves regarding vaccine ingredients and potential outcomes?  Why are children more likely to be vaccine injured than adults?  What should mom’s be on the look out for following a vaccine administration?

Parent involvement is critical to vaccine injury prevention and treatment.  One of the best ways for parents to educate themselves about vaccines is to request the medication information sheet from their pediatrician or find one online for the vaccine in question.   This sheet is usually a large, poster sized document, printed in the smallest text readable and folded in a classic origami style making it impossible to refold after reading.

On this document you will find information about ingredients, possible reactions, method of action for the vaccine, and such. I encourage every parent to pick three (3) ingredients on the list and search the internet for effects on human health.  The results are staggering.  Mercury and aluminum are linked to neurobehavior diseases like autism and ADHD.  Polysorbate products cause cancer.  Butylphosphate and formaldehydes are known poisons.  And then there is the highly controversial presence of aborted fetal cells in most childhood immunizations/vaccines.

Another consideration for parents is the general health of their child.  Ask yourself: Is my child developed enough to handle an injection of these ingredients?   Is my child healthy enough to be vaccinated?  If your child is constantly sick with ear infections or strep throat, you might consider working with a functional practitioner to rehabilitate your child’s immune system and detoxification pathways.   Remember, your child’s liver, brain, immune system, and gut are not fully developed at birth.  It takes several years before their systems are fully mature and can effectively remove excess toxin from the body.

Additionally, several gene mutations have recently been identified by scientists such as Methylenetetrahydrofolatereductase (conveniently shortened to MTHFR) and catechol-O-methyltransferase (aka COMT).  These gene mutations prevent the body from properly eliminating toxins and consequently they accumulate in the body.  Many people with these mutations are prone to illness and often struggle with chronic health issues.  Sadly, children are rarely tested for these mutations.

So how does vaccine injury occur in children?  It’s pretty simple.  You take a child that is not fully developed physiologically and inject them with substances that their little body may or may not be able to excrete.  Now you have a child that is exhibiting an unfavorable outcome.  The symptoms of vaccine injury are often neurologic in nature (remember, several ingredients in childhood immunizations are toxic to brain tissue) including but not limited to developmental delays, speech impediments, tics, Asperger/autism spectrum disorders, behavior issues, sensory integration issues and ADHD.  Another frequent manifestation of vaccine injury is damage to the gut lining resulting in severe allergies, food sensitivities, asthma, and eczema.

The story commonly reported to me by moms is that their child would cry or scream insistently for days following a vaccination and then the child “was not the same”.  Or their child developed a super high fever and/or even had a seizure following a vaccine administration and then the child “was not right anymore”.  It’s painful to hear these stories by tearful moms.

The good news is that the body is designed to heal itself.  It is possible to recover from vaccine injury.

  • My first advice is to eliminate inflammatory foods in the child’s diet.  These are foods that are difficult to digest, perpetuate inflammation and trigger food allergies.  For more information, watch our videos on inflammatory foods HERE.
  • Secondly, there needs to be the introduction of fermented foods into the diet to replenish the gut microbiome.
  • Third, focus on detoxification pathway support like making sure your child poops every day and that they sweat daily.
  • And last, a daily dose of some good ol’ fashioned TLC – tender loving care.

Remember, your little one isn’t feeling so great.  Sometimes, these interventions are enough to help your child recover from a vaccine injury.  However, if your child needs more advanced treatments, look into our Vaccine Adverse Event Recovery Program.  This program is designed to rehabilitate children and adults who have suffered a debilitating vaccine injury.

My goal is to raise awareness of vaccine adverse events and vaccine injury.  Regrettably, injuries are not promptly identified and consequently, the child and family are left to suffer tremendously.  So, regardless of where you stand on vax or non-vax issues, listen with compassion to the other moms in your circle.  If anyone voices a concern about vaccine injury, share our page with them.  There is no need for families to suffer in silence anymore.

For your health,

The Vax Negator

Let’s start by talking about the elephant in the room.  The controversy that revolves around vaccines and the side effects that have people concerned but not willing to talk openly about. It’s a thought in the back of every mother’s mind after each child’s wellness visit and more recently after the newly released COVID vaccine…are we supposed to have long term side effects after a vaccine?

These side effects after a vaccine are known as “vaccine adverse events,” resulting in a vaccine injury. By definition, a vaccine adverse event is an unfavorable medical outcome that occurs after receiving a vaccine or immunization and does not resolve in a reasonable amount of time.

Sadly, the idea that a vaccine or immunization could be harmful is highly controversial.  In fact, the concept of vaccine adverse events is not well accepted or even acknowledged by mainstream medical communities.  I’m here to challenge this attitude by proposing a question:  why is the possibility of a vaccine/immunization adverse event not accepted when the medical community widely accepts that medication adverse events happen all the time?  In truth, drug reactions are highly recorded and we readily accept that it just happens.  Treat the patient and move on.  And, oops, don’t take that medication again.

During our medical training, a great deal of time is spent talking about the dangers of drug interactions and drug reactions.  We spend time learning how to medically resolve medication induced, life threatening reactions like Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome and anaphylaxis.  Unfortunately, one of the leading causes of death in America is polypharmacy which is a situation where a patient is on multiple medications that interact adversely and can cause death.

So again, I ask, if a medication can cause life threatening reactions why is it outside of the realm of possibilities that a vaccine/immunization could have a similar effect?

Let’s look at this from a different angle.  Sometimes, people will have adverse reactions to natural things.  Most of us know people that always carry an epi-pen with them because they have a life-threatening reaction to shellfish or bee stings.  Do we question their vigilance? Of course not, reactions happen sometimes. Parents of infants don’t give their babies honey because of a potentially life-threatening adverse reaction called infant botulism.  Do we scrutinize their parenting skills?  Of course not, reactions happen sometimes.

Look under your kitchen sink or in your garage.  Most folks keep chemicals in their house like herbicides, pesticides, household cleaners and such.  Look at the bottles and you will notice that the manufacturer of these chemicals warns you that chemicals are dangerous and can cause serious injury if inhaled or ingested.  They also advise you to call the poison control center should such an event happen.   It’s so widely taught and accepted that chemicals can cause life threatening reactions that most of us immediately recognize the hazard signs on chemical containers.  We teach our children that many chemicals are dangerous and to stay away from them.

And yet, we get shot down when we start talking about the possibility that a vaccine/immunization can cause an adverse reaction.   Honestly, I have not figured out why.  Why is this topic off limits?

The reality is that vaccine adverse events leading to a vaccine injury are real events, they actually happen, and they happen often.  I see it in my practice every day.

A couple of the questions I often get asked are ‘why do drug or vaccine reactions happen to begin with?’ and  ‘why do some people get a vaccine or take a medication and nothing happens while other people do the same thing and have a severe reaction?’.

There are many reasons but let’s discuss the most common reason: allostatic load.  This is the load the body works under daily to maintain homeostasis or balance within the physiology.  Contributing factors to allostatic load include the Standard American Diet which is highly inflammatory, latent and chronic infections like candida overgrowth, toxicology, mental/emotional stress, poor sleep quality, EMF exposure, thermal stress, and the list goes on and on.

The body is strenuously working under a load of seen and unseen stressors to perform the countless chemical reactions needed within each cell to maintain homeostasis.  Consequently, the body is struggling to maintain balance under their own personal allostatic load.  Add to that load something like a vaccine/immunization and the body can lose its ability to maintain homeostasis.  Now we are dealing with a physiology that has lost its ability to compensate and the result is an injury or new disease development.

There is a huge difference between a medication that you take orally and a vaccine/immunization that is injected into your body. An oral medication can be forcibly removed but an injection cannot.  For example, your practitioner can use charcoal or other binders to induce vomiting and/or diarrhea to cleanse the body of a medication that is causing a severe reaction.  And although the patient may still feel crummy, the life-threatening effects of that medication can be negated.  An injection, however, cannot be removed.  Once you get a shot in your hip or arm, that substance cannot be recalled or removed.  It’s not like a pill that will remain within the confines of the GI tract for a period of time.  An injection is immediately released into the tissues of the body and cannot be recalled.

This is how the story usually goes:

  • A patient presented themselves to receive a vaccine/immunization
  • There is the introduction of a substance into a body that was already struggling under allostatic load
  • That substance caused a significant shift in their body’s ability to maintain homeostasis
  • Suddenly, we have an injury and the manifestation of a health issue

Where do we go with this now?  I think the first place to start is simply acknowledging that vaccine adverse events leading to vaccine injury in adults and children is within the realm of possibilities.  I work with vaccine injured adults and children in my practice all the time, this is a growing health crisis.

The focus of this article is to simply encourage people to entertain a new thought; if a good, old-fashion drug reaction can occur then is it possible to have a reaction to a vaccine/immunization?  If most chemicals can cause life threatening reactions, can a vaccine do the same thing?

In future articles, we will discuss some case studies from vaccine injured patients I am working with so people can learn how these injuries usually present.  We will also discuss symptom development and some ways to buffer the effects. Until then, if you suspect a vaccine adverse event or vaccine injury in yourself or a loved one, check out the Vaccine Adverse Event Recovery Program detailed at

For your health,

The Vax-Negator

Recently, a mother brought her 2-year-old son, Sam, to our office for severe eczema and food sensitivities.  She was a little uptight and nervous but the mamma bear in her blurted out “my son is vaccine injured”.  I calmly asked to hear his story.  She quickly relaxed when she realized she did not have to struggle to convince me that he could be injured.  

The story was typical.  Sam had been a normal toddler; healthy, good appetite and trying new foods, slept well, and had good vocabulary development until he received his 18-month immunizations.  For several days after the immunizations, he was very restless, cried constantly and was not easily consoled.  Shortly thereafter, the mother reported that the skin on his arms developed a flaking rash.  Within a month, the rash had spread to most of his body.  She reported that nothing seems to help it go away.  

At the time of our office visit (approximately 9 months after his immunization), the mom reported Sam had developed severe reactions to most foods, especially grains and eggs.  She said these foods would cause severe cramping diarrhea, crying, poor sleep quality and the rash to become red and highly inflamed.    In tears, she shared the difficulty of finding foods that he would tolerate.  She was also concerned about his growth and possible malnutrition.

After collecting an extensive medical history and performing a physical examination, I agreed that the boy was vaccine injured.  We started his rehabilitation first with a radical diet change.  Our nutritionist worked with the mother teaching her how to eliminate inflammatory foods and replace them with foods that would heal and seal the gut lining.  They also introduced small amounts of fermented foods to restore the microbiome.  We also treated for candida overgrowth as the child had repeated antibiotics for ear infections.  Additionally, he started on a little iodine and fermented cod liver oil.  

A month later, his symptoms had significantly improved.  At this point we introduced mild detox baths that included bentonite clay.  I explained that the warm baths before bedtime would not only help his body eliminate toxins but would also relax him so he would sleep better.  We also added a mild oral chelator that would promote toxin removal from within.  Low concentrations of ozone ear insufflations were performed 2-3 times per week.

At the last progress meeting, Sam looked and felt much better.  His interaction with myself and the office staff was much more appropriate for his age.  The rash was completely gone.  He had not had an episode of diarrhea or crying outbursts in several weeks.  The mother reported his speech development seemed to grow very quickly and his behavior was much more stable.  She was excited to see that not only was his health greatly improved but his mental development had really expanded.  

I was so excited to see that Sam’s body was able to heal itself…it just needed a little push.  At his last appointment, six (6) mo after his initial consultation, Sam remained symptom free and was an active, playful 3-year-old.  I encouraged Sam’s mother to continue his low inflammatory diet as we believe it is a foundational piece for exceptional health.  She shared that the entire family had adopted Sam’s diet and everyone felt amazing!  Even Sam’s pediatrician was astonished at his transformation.  

This was a case of a moderately injured child who responded well to our program.  The body holds wisdom and knows how to heal itself.  Often, it’s just a case of providing it something it lacks or helping it get rid of excess.  

For your health,

The Vax Negator